All Nine!...

Yes, indeed. I've finally gotten all nine of my "Behind the Ranges" stories back into paper, for all of you who've asked for them.

The most recent addition is The Imperial Engineer, in which Tao Ni (from the Duchess of Ophir Creek) and Lulu, daughter of Flower and William King (Ice Princess), are reunited after a long separation. A deliberately long separation, because they did not part amicably.

Lulu still wants to save the world, Tony (because he's doing his best to conceal his ancestry) still wants to build bridges. Neither is destined to realize those dreams, but they just might find the altered course of their lives to be just as worthwhile, just as interesting, and possibly, just a little too exciting.

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The Queen of Cherry Vale cover  Ice Princess cover  The Duchess of Ophir Creek cover
Noble Savage cover  "Knight in a Black Hat cover  The Lost Baroness cover
The Imperial Engineer cover  Undercover Cavaliere cover  Squire's Quest cover

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The Queen of Cherry Vale
Ice Princess
The Duchess of Ophir Creek
Noble Savage
Knight in a Black Hat
The Lost Baroness
The Imperial Engineer
Undercover Cavaliere
Squire's Quest

Prefer the ebook? Look for all of the "Behind the Ranges" stories at Uncial Press and most other ebooksellers.

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