A Pitiful Remnant cover

A Regency romance
Coming January 2015.

Available for Preorder NOW at Amazon!

A marriage of convenience? How dreadfully inconvenient...

Lisanor needs a husband willing to marry her immediately, but he must agree to an outrageous condition. Guillemot is all but bankrupt and Clarence, the new marquess, has no choice but to marry for money. She is trained to manage a great estate, he to command a regiment, and neither is willing to give an inch. One of them must yield if they are to work together, to live together, perhaps even to love together.


And in the meantime, there is an

Improbable Solution cover

Visit Whiterock, Oregon...

... where peculiar happenings are taken for granted. Where Sally Carruthers is stuck, nursing a dying father. Where Gus Loring seeks forgetfulness. Where people are from, because there's nothing left to hold them there. Yet somehow it endures.

Perhaps there's something more to Whiterock than dusty streets, shabby buildings, and discouraged residents, because everything changes when Gus and Sally find each other. But how could that possibly make the decrepit bandshell look new, put the antlers back on the poor, abused bronze elk?

Available now, from Uncial Press,
and at practically every ebookseller on the planet.


And while you're in the neighborhood...

visit Oregon's Coast Range and discover how easy it is to find a new surprise around every curve in the road. Pink Gingerbread isn't about a cookie or a kind of cake, but a doorway...

Find it HERE.

Pink gingerbread cover
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