If you want magic to happen...

You have to walk widdershins.

Florentine Enchantment cover

Jase Dart is retired. And bored. His children are worried about him, living alone and perhaps lonely and depressed. So they give him a two-week stay at a luxury guest ranch in the Oregon Cascades, where he can hike, or ride or just sit and admire the spectacular scenery. Trouble is, Jace is a city dweller, and his idea of outdoor recreation is a picnic in the park, catered by a good deli. After a few days of complete boredom, he decides to try a short hike, and of course he loses his way, despite a well-marked trail.

The woman he meets in the woods is unusual, possibly a little mad. Even her name is odd: Tyche. The story she tells Jase is incredible and confusing, all about dying trees and peculiar rules and not being able to do something alone... Jace offers to help her, despite his better judgment. Perhaps she's wacky, and maybe he's being conned, but he's interested and intrigued enough...until he learns that the path they must follow goes only one way.

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