A Pitiful Remnant cover

A marriage of convenience? How dreadfully inconvenient...

Lisanor needs a husband willing to marry her immediately, but he must agree to an outrageous condition. Guillemot is all but bankrupt and Clarence, the new marquess, has no choice but to marry for money. She is trained to manage a great estate, he to command a regiment, and neither is willing to give an inch. One of them must yield if they are to work together, to live together, perhaps even to love together.

"...a pure delight... But now I'm in danger of dropping spoilers, so I'll just mention what I liked best about A PITIFUL REMNANT—besides the hero and heroine. There is never a slow spot or any place where one would be tempted to skip ahead. Every word has value."~~Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

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And here's a little Regency teaser, with my compliments:

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Garden's Gift cover
Sometimes one finds more in a garden than flowers. Love can flourish there, too...


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